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National Down Syndrome Society

Get Real NY is proud to have National Down Syndrome Society as our charitable partner.


Get Real NY Belgian Beer Festival is proud to host and feature the following homebrewers who will generously share samples of their delicious libations:

Joseph BuchheitAmarillo SaisonSaison6%Brewed with French Saison 3711 Yeast and Amarillo Hops. This brew is spicy, dry and citrusy.
Daniel WienerAugusto's Belgian WitWitbier4.98%A Belgian style wheat beer that's perfect for summer. A blend of fresh ground coriander and bitter orange peel add a pleasant spice to this golden straw colored ale.
Bernard Gilbert & Lucienda ChungNYC Summer WitWitbier4.70%My wit will make Pierre Celis cry with tears of joy. Straw in color, light in body with hints of pepper and citrus will help you get through the hot NY sun.
Peter KennedyBelgian Pale AleBelgian Pale Ale6%Brewed with a a Belgian Wit Yeast, This Pale Ale is Bittered with Organic Opal and Saaz Hops on a Pilsner and Munic Malt backbone.
Erich Carrle & Ashley CharitBlue Kentucky Girl SaisonSaison6.80%This "Kentucky-style" saison is brewed with a 30% corn grist fermented hot on top of 3lbs. of sweet sweet kentucky blueberries. With a light tight body touched with an innocent corn sweetness, draped in a flimsy sundress of blueberry essence, and just behind the eyes, that saison spice, if you aren't careful around this beauty, you might just end up in a shotgun weddin'!
Peter KennedyCardamom WitWitbier5.3%Inspired by the Homebrewer Competition, Iron Brewer, This Belgian Wit utilizes the 3 Required ingredients from Round 1. Cardamon, White Wheat, Liberty
Dante RomaniniDog Days WitWitbier4.50%Dog Days Wit is a crisp, refreshing Belgian style wheat beer with hints of spices. Meant to be easy drinking on the hottest of summer days.
Lee Jacobson & Michelle DennisIt's Spelt SaisonTable Saison4.80%A beer honoring the roots the saison style. Brewed with unmalted, organic spelt and a generous dose Styrian Golding hops, this low alcohol beer would refresh any farm hand on a sunny day.
Joseph BuchheitJoe's Dry WitWitbier7%Brewed with Belgian Witbier 3944 Yeast, Hopped with Cascade, Challenger, and Simcoe.
Kevin Stafford & Basil LeeNarwhal WitWitbier5%The Narwhal wit is a light, cloudy, straw colored beauty. This elegant Belgian inspired brew is moderately sweet with complex herbal, perfumy, and peppery notes. A perfect refreshing summertime beer.
Richard Siberry & Michaela DillonOr di PretinsBelgian Specialty Ale4.50%Or di Pretins (Spring Gold in the Walloon language) is brewed along the lines of a Belgian Blonde Ale but with a lower OG and with the late addition of the unique English Bramling Cross hop. Or di Pretins is intended to be a fresh, light easy drinking beer for spring and summer brewing and consumption.
Clinton StaufferRillo Rye-LoSaison5%The spice of a classic saison yeast meets the spice of rye malt in this session saison, complemented by Amarillo hops.
Bryan BlattSaazy SaisonSaison and Belgian IPA6%Saazy Saison - Very clean and crisp, summery saison with a healthy injection of saaz for all hop additions.
Dan PizzilloSaison de la BaiseSaison5%This farmhouse-style saison underwent a mixed fermentation with both a traditional saison yeast strain and a Brettanomyces strain. This combination breeds a host of flavors from spicy, to fruity, and even “sweaty”. Perfect for drinking during “la saison de la baise”.
Keith KovalLe Saison PetitPetit Saison4%Refreshing and Sessionable Summer Saison. Just enough kick to to make working the fields in the hot sun seem interesting - or whatever legend you want to believe. All malt with noble hops.
Bob OlsonSapling SaisonDark Session Saison4.50%We took our Minotaur's Black Forest - a dark saison clocking in at just under 8% and cut it down to a sessionable 4.5%. This younger version maintains all the earthy notes and a hint of maple of its big brother but you can drink them all day without fear of getting lost in the woods...
Matthew Chan & Kristen PedersonSmeirlap!Belgian Extra Hoppy Ale4.80%Inspired by the beer Taras Boulba, this "extra hoppy ale" is hopped with copious amounts of noble hops giving an assertive hop character paired with spicy accents from the yeast.
Chris Pagnotta & Danielle MinelliSo WITcha WantBelgiamerican WIT6ish%The illest motherfuckin white beer from here to Gardenia. Citrus zest, citrusy american hops and chomomile flow over thumping backbeat of pilsner malt, flaked wheat and rolled oats.
Dan SherfeyTavern Faintheart BlendFlanders Red6%The Tavern Faintheart Blend is a blend of an English mild, a two year old citric saison, and an 18 month old culture-aged Strong Dark Belgian Ale.
David SherfeyTavern Night SaisonTable Saison3.50%The Tavern Night Saison is like a morning champagne, soft on the tounge with a bright citrus zing on a quick finish. Pale and and light color malts, with aromatic and rye along with new and aged hops.
Jonathan MoxeyThe Ghost & The FalconSaison5.90%A crisp saison dry-hopped with Amarillo and Falconer's Flight.
Bryan BlattTripel+IPABelgian IPA9% Tripel+IPA - Marriage of a tradional tripel with an American IPA, splitting the malt and hop bills 50/50 the whole way.
Alex SchwartzTussey MountainWitbier4.50%Belgian Wit brewed to be light and refreshing on a hot summer NYC day. All the staples of a belgian wit and a light body with smooth aftertastes allows consumption in mass quantities!
Lee JacobsonWhat's Up Witte That?Witbier4.70%A belgian style wheat beer that's meant to refresh. Chamomile, coriander, and fresh citrus zest blend together to provide you with this spicy and quaffable beer.
Keith McCullum + Craig Shuster (Brooklyn Brewsers)[Insert Witty Name Here]Witbier5%This beer doesn't even let the name speak for it, the flavor truly speaks for itself. With its label forever TBD, you'll have to instead just enjoy the orange peel and Indian coriander seed as they cozy up against wheat and pilsener malts. Perhaps your exclamation of enjoyment will provide a suitable moniker, we shall see!