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National Down Syndrome Society

Get Real NY is proud to have National Down Syndrome Society as our charitable partner.


The Get Real Committee prides itself on providing the best festival experience possible for its guests. We strive to overdeliver while not overselling. We are not looking to throw one-and-done festivals where attendees are packed in like sardines and wait in ridiculously long lines for beer and food. We take the feedback from our attendees after each festival and use it to improve the experience at each subsequent festival. It appears our attention to detail is paying off.  Check out what the media and local bloggers have had to say about our first 2 Get Real Beer Festivals:

“I am not a very religious man but ladies and gentleman, I now have reason to believe….I figured that [Get Real's Craft Beer & Food Festival] would be a good time like most of the other Beer Festivals I had been to (Brewfest & Beer, Bourbon and BBQ).  Little did I know though that the organizers were able to perfect the best parts of a beer festival while getting rid of the worst (INSANELY LONG LINES).” I’m Not at Work

“As if the fantastic weather over the weekend wasn’t enough of a reason to celebrate, Get Real NY’s Craft Beer & Food Festival put us in complete bliss mode…For those who wanted some education and culture, there was a live band playing upbeat music ranging from smooth jazz to salsa music, and downstairs there was a lounge set up for speakers doing a special discussion panel on pairings and tastings.” Socially Superlative

“There were huge crowds at Saturday’s sessions, but Sunday was mellower, giving us a chance to taste our way through a wide variety of beers…There were quite a few beers to love at the fest.” SeriousEats NY

“Overall, this is New York’s finest event for cask ale lovers and an eye-opening education for those anxiously expanding their craft beer palate.”  I Drunk That

“Get Real NY was one of the high points of last fall’s New York Craft Beer Week. Forgoing the usual beer festival model of simply serving a brand’s flagship beers, Get Real NY appeals to a more refined palate.” I Drunk That

“I have been to many festivals of this nature before, and I have to say this one was probably the most enjoyable - mainly because they kept it at a relatively small scale and it wasn’t overly crowded. I went to the Bourbon, Bacon and BBQ Festival last year and it was like trying to elbow your way through a crowded club in the middle of the Meatpacking district.” The Skinny Pig

“It’s also fun to pay a flat rate, be handed a glass and walk into a room full of quality beer at your disposal. And that was certainly the case at Get Real NY, a craft beer and food festival, that I attended a couple of weeks ago in NYC. I expected no less considering this event was created and organized by an Irishman. Featuring both commercial and home brewers, there were over 80 cask-conditioned ales to choose from and by far the best food selection I’ve ever seen at a beer event.” This Round’s On Me

“All-around, there really wasn’t too much negative to say about my entire experience. The people were great, the beer supply ample and the food delightful.” The Beer Sessions

“This weekend, Patrick Donagher, owner of Rattle ‘N Hum Bar in New York City, held an event called Get Real NY Craft Beer and Food Festival. Sporting around 150 casks and 10 artisanal food vendors, the event was not to be missed.”  Ladies of Craft Beer

“The fun thing about this beer festival is that not only could you sample lots of different craft beers from different breweries, you could also sample food from twenty or so NYC restaurants….And this was a really fun way to try a bunch of new beers – several of which I have never seen before.” Slice of Rice

“In addition to the crazy extensive selection of beer, they also had a really amazing food spread…It was a great event!”  Two Beer Queers

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For all press information, inquiries or passes, please contact Andy Freedman or Patrick Donagher